Ordinary women, extraordinary wisdom

"Eckhart says in The Power of Now that relationship is there to make you conscious, not to make you happy. I would say up until a point, that's really true. Then as presence emerges, relationship can be as much or more about shared joy, shared recognition, shared being. When you can interact with people from that place, especially romantic relationships which are definitely the most challenging as far as I can tell, there's a space that's created. That space is a space of love where that which is "unlove" can come in and be met. If I or my partner is going through an old pattern coming up, some huge piece of pain, that stuff is welcome. It's not just welcomed, it's invited: "Come in." Because the two beings are so clear about that. This idea, "Oh, you're doing something wrong, or you're hurting me," falls away. There's a courage that comes. No matter how ugly or painful or messy this is, it's welcome in this space. When it's healed or set free, there's more space inside each one and more love comes through. It's all good news."

- Karen McPhee i Ordinary women, extraordinary wisdom

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